Woman Crush Wednesday

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YA Reader Appreciation Blog Hop: Women Crush Wednesday


Today I’m happy to host YA author Meradeth Houston

Thanks so much for hosting me! It’s always so fun to get to visit my favorite places around the web 🙂 Today we’re supposed to be talking about our favorite women around–those we may have crushes on, for one reason or another. The thing is: narrowing it down! There are so many amazing women that I want to highlight, but I’m going to go with two.

The first: Rosalind Franklin. Have you heard of her? No? Well, if you have, that’s awesome, but my money’s on most people never having heard of her. Which, really, kinda sucks. I’ll try not to get too nerdy on you here, but basically, Franklin’s work with x-ray crystallography paved the way for Watson and Crick to figure out the structure of DNA. When they published on that in 1953 it led the way for some of the amazing genetics findings that we have today. But did she get any credit? Nope. And that’s always bothered me. Anyhow, she was an amazing scientist during a time when women weren’t scientists on the whole, and I love telling people about her (just ask my students, haha!). She opened a lot of doors for those of us who are women scientists today!

Another of my female crushes? Definitely J.K. Rowling. I honestly can’t help it! She’s written some amazing books and really opened up the world of children’s literature to the masses. I really don’t think the YA genre would be anything like it is today without her. So, other than owing her a serious debt of gratitude, I think she’s amazing, and I’d love to have lunch with her, just to get to chat 🙂

Okay, so who is your female crush? I’m definitely looking forward to hearing all about them!

Meradeth Houston is the author of the Sary Society series: Colors Like Memories, The Chemistry of Fate, and Surrender the Sky. Catch the first two books for just 99 pennies! Soon to be released will be a sci-fi novel with killer aliens: Absence of Light. When she’s not writing, she’s an anthropology professor who talks a whole lot about dead people’s DNA!

Find Meradeth Houston online at: www.MeradethHouston.comFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and of course her blog!

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  1. R Franklin’s work sounds amazing!

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