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Lisa 3rd Grade photo

Lisa’s 3rd Grade photo


Dear Readers,

Sometimes people ask me why I write YA novels, especially romance. Here’s just one reason (and believe me, there’s a long list).

My first car was an old orange Gremlin, a la Wayne’s World. Attempting to show off for the cute neighbor boy shooting hoops, I gunned the engine, accidentally hopped the curb, and crashed into a tree my dad had just planted. You may be shocked to learn this did not result in insta-love. But at least I made an impression, right? And honestly, what could I do but laugh, after I metaphorically died of embarrassment, of course.

That’s just one example from my angst-filled, ridiculous teen life. I think I was destined to write stories about smart and funny fumbling teens who manage to navigate life’s ongoing dramas and fall in love. (And no, there wasn’t a romantic ending to my tree destruction…but if I were writing that story as fiction, you can bet there would be…eventually).

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from readers who say my books kept them all night, made them laugh, and made them swoon. 

Happy Reading!


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