Recharging the Writer’s Brain

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I recently finished another manuscript and sent it off to my critique group for vilification, er, constructive criticism. Of course, as soon as I hit “send” I started tweaking it even more, then told myself to cease and desist. The best thing for me is to let it go and not think about it. I need […]


Revisions R Us

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Recently, when I did my, ‘Yay, I just finished a first draft” self-congratulatory dance, my son said, “Way to go, Mom. You finished another book. When will it be published?” After laughing hysterically, I tried to explain to him the long road ahead of revisions and critique partners, and then more revisions, and then even […]


Let Them Eat Cereal!

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“Are you writing a new book mom? Cuz there’s like no food in the house. At all. Fail, Mom. Epic fail.” My son exaggerates. There is food in the pantry. Soup, pasta. Some stale granola bars. I don’t know what he’s whining about. Just because there isn’t a wide selection of junk food doesn’t mean […]