Revisions R Us

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revisions mugRecently, when I did my, ‘Yay, I just finished a first draft” self-congratulatory dance, my son said, “Way to go, Mom. You finished another book. When will it be published?”

After laughing hysterically, I tried to explain to him the long road ahead of revisions and critique partners, and then more revisions, and then even more revisions with an editor.  At some point during my droning, he probably fell asleep at the kitchen table or wandered away to commune with his X-box.

I can’t blame him; it’s a daunting process, but one that I’ve grown to love, though I didn’t always.

I remember finishing my first novel. I was so horrified at the end result, yet so clueless about how to fix it that I shoved it in a drawer, then eventually burned it in our fireplace. Cue the dramatic tears and wailings that I’d never be a “real” writer.

The computer file still exists, and I open it every once in a while for a good laugh and to say, “Aw. Weren’t you cute? Just like a floppy puppy with no idea of what you’re doing or where you’re going, but once in a while you make me laugh. Maybe you could’ve grown into a beautiful show dog, but….eh, probably not. Buh bye.” Then I close the file, grateful no one ever read a word of it.

This week, I’ll email my manuscript to my critique group, then we’ll convene in a month and they’ll come at me with both barrels. Arguments will flare, opinions will clash. My plot will be eviscerated and my characters will be assassinated, but it will all be fueled by lots of laughter, and snacks. Most important, I’ll go home to revise and be amazed at how much better my manuscript becomes.




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  1. We only eviscerate your plot and assassinate your characters because we love you! And what you do with the feedback is magic. In fact, I think you should come over and revise my manuscript. 🙂

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