Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary!

Posted at Sep 8, 2016 10:28 am

spock-and-meIn honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, I’m sharing this excerpt from THE REPLACEMENT CRUSH, in which Dallas and Vivian discuss their mutual admiration for the Star Trek universe.


“Moving here gives you an opportunity to fulfill your mission.” I gestured vaguely to his shirt and stared at his neck rather than those hypnotic eyes. “Exploring strange new worlds and civilizations and all that jazz.”

Dalls chuckled softly and goose bumps rose on my arms when he spoke. “Original, Next Generation or Voyager? Not Deep Sleep Nine, I hope.”

I faced him full on. This was tricky. He was clearly a Trekkie with strong opinions. I wasn’t Comic Con crazy, but I did like Star Trek, especially the movies with Chris Pine. And the Next Generation series with Patrick Stewart, who also graced a READ poster on our wall.

“I like TNG,” I said, “with the occasional original series sprinkled in for variety. I did a DS9 marathon last summer. Don’t need to repeat it.”

Dallas and I stared at each other in silence and I wondered what he was thinking. My Trekkie creds ran more shallow than deep. I suspected he was more interested in the science and space exploration aspects of the final frontier, unlike me, who was mostly drawn in by the relationship drama.

“Spock or Kirk?” he asked, a glint of humor in his steady green gaze.

My pulse rate sped up, even though his question wasn’t flirtatious. “I have to choose?”

He shrugged. “Most people lean one way or the other.”

His quiet intensity made me anxious. Was he staring at my smeared mascara? Did he really overhear the tongue chats?

“Isn’t that kind of like asking me to choose either peanut butter or jelly?”

He laughed, making me smile for the first time since Jake had ignored me this morning.


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