Freaky Friday – Teen Angst Poetry

Posted at Nov 13, 2015 10:41 am

I recently came across a treasure trove of primary source YA material: my teenage journals. These babies are chock full of drama, angst, and a whole lotta unrequited love. In the interests of research, I’ve been reading them, and when I’m not cringing, I’m laughing- a lot.

Here’s hoping a glimpse into one teenager’s hormone-addled brain will brighten your Friday…

This week’s feature is a poem written at age 16. Is it any wonder I ended up a YA romance author? I’ve left it completely unedited for your enjoyment.



My Camelot

I dream of castles and princes

being swept off my feet

silk gowns and adoration

coveted in a tower.

Beautiful gardens occupy my time

beloved throughout the land,

I’m worshipped as a wonder

“kind and sweet and beautiful”

(they say)

Living out my dreams,

my castle is my room house

my prince, a pimpled frog.

I’m swept off my feet only

when I


My tower is my bedroom

a houseplant is my garden.

I’m beloved only by my family

and worshiped only by my unicorn dog.


4 responses to “Freaky Friday – Teen Angst Poetry”

  1. Love it. Your wry sense of humor comes through. It’s clear you were always destined to be a writer.

  2. Denise says:

    Oh, I love it! I have to say, the writing is pretty good in spots. You definitely followed your talent!

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