Denver Comic Con 2015

Posted at Jun 8, 2015 8:00 pm

Over Memorial Day weekend, my family and I attended our fourth annual Denver Comic Con. It’s become our summer kick-off event, even when the weather is rainy and cold.

I absolutely love the nerdvana vibe: costumes, sci-fi speed dating, panels on books, TV shows, and movies, tons of artists and authors, visiting celebrities…the whole event is fantastic. Exhausting, but fantastic. By the end, my feet are blistered and my brain is fried, but it’s worth it!

This year I dressed up for the first time, and now I’m hooked. I found an amazing Captain America dress online, and brought along a Frisbee shield. One of the highlights of the conference was meeting Andrew Bellen, one of the original Captain America artists. He signed my shield and was absolutely charming.

Comic Con is ultimately a celebration of story, a gathering of people who spend the weekend devoted to embracing their favorite fictional words and characters. As someone who loves the world of stories, I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend!

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