I skipped last Thursday because it was Thanksgiving and I was celebrating with extended family. I'll make up for it today by simply stating that I love Thanksgiving because it's a holiday that focuses on gratitude for all we have, and is usually spent with those we love. This year I'm … [continue]

Twitter: The Introvert’s Cocktail Party!

I confess: I’m hopelessly hooked on Twitter. In the past I’ve been paranoid about social media, but I’ve totally drunk the Twitter Kool-Aid. I know, I know: I’m late to the party. But at least I made it. And I want you to join me! At first I just cracked open the door and peeked […]


A Reminder to Be Kind

kindness beach

This Thankful Thursday, I’m linking to a beautiful speech about kindness by George Saunders. He says so eloquently the things I’m learning as I get older. Like Mr. Saunders, I regret many “failures of kindness” in my own life, moments large and small that I wish I could do over. But as a friend reminds […]