Photo by Silent Expressions

Photo by Silent Expressions

Sometimes people ask me why I write YA novels, especially romance. Here’s just one reason (and believe me, there’s a long list):

My first car was an old orange Gremlin, a la Wayne’s World. Attempting to show off for the cute neighbor boy shooting hoops, I gunned the engine, accidentally hopped the curb, and crashed into a tree my dad had just planted. You may be shocked to learn this did not result in insta-love. But at least I made an impression, right?

That’s just one example from my angst-filled, ridiculous teen life. I think I was destined to write stories about smart, insecure, perceptive, funny teens who somehow manage to navigate life’s ongoing drama and fall in love. (And no, there wasn’t a romantic ending to my tree destruction…but if I were writing that story as fiction, you can bet there would be…eventually).

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