Book Release Day!

Whee! Twirling excitement! Today HOW (NOT) TO FALL IN LOVE is out officially out in the world. I feel like I should say profound, posterity-worthy things. But really all I want to do is squeal and spin in circles, and drink lots of champagne, and then chug espresso. See me, see the Ice Age squirrel.

Today I’ll be stalking bookstores taking selfies of me with my book, and probably embarrassing myself by handing out bookmarks and candy and tickets to Disneyland. Or maybe not. I’m an introverted writer, after all, but today is all about the giddy so who knows what might happen?

My acknowledgments page in my book is full of thank-you love notes, but I want to say it again here, because, well…because I can.

So tackle hugs and endless gratitude to:

The amazing people at Entangled Publishing for taking a chance on me and my story, especially Heather Howland and Liz Pelletier.

My incredible critique group, the Wild Writers, who’ve supported me for over ten years. You all are amazing. Patient. Tough. Opinionated. And good snack-makers. All very important qualities in critique partners!

My super-agent, Nicole Resciniti at The Seymour Agency.

My family: my parents who always believed in me, and my husband and son who are incredibly supportive in the small daily gestures, and also in big, outstanding ways.

And to you awesome, amazing readers and bloggers- I hardly know what to say. I’ve heard from so many of you already who read advance copies. Your incredible reviews, emails, and social media outreach have made me feel like I’ve grown actual wings. I write for you, and when you tell me how much you loved the story and fell in love with the characters, I really do feel like I’m flying. I can’t wait to share more of my stories with you…

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